Baby Steps for this Cobbler’s Child

I do PR. For others, not for me. That I have a website at all is truly an amazing feat. An impossibility realized. As Dr. Asarnow, my writing professor at the University of Portland used to say, “just start writing and the words will follow.” That wisdom has gotten me through some of my tougher assignments over the years. 

My website has proven to be the toughest assignment of all. And if I’m to follow my own advice, I’m going to keep it fresh, relevant and timely. And that means I must continue to add content. 

But here’s the deal: I’ve been doing PR for a while, and for a lot of really interesting organizations. So, it is really something of a challenge to neatly package my work into visually compelling case studies and succinct blogs. 

So about the case studies page… it’s sparse, but it’s a start! I promise to keep adding case studies, mostly new and hopefully all relevant. 

And I’ll do my best to make my blog musings meaningful. Some of my posts will have to do with PR, some will have to do with client work, and some will more than likely have something to do with my family, pets included. But really, I reserve the right to write about whatever comes up for me. 

In the meantime, I’m busy doing PR for others. I like it that way. 

Photo by Hemera Technologies/ / Getty Images

Photo by Hemera Technologies/ / Getty Images