Let's consider blogs

Are blogs the new newsletter? Like newsletters, blogs require commitment. But that’s where the similarity stops.


You may remember the old printed newsletters from days gone by… weekly, monthly, quarterly snippets of week-old “news” printed out for all to skim and promptly toss. Now that newsletters have graduated to electronic format, they are much more timely… but they’re somehow less personal than blogs.


Blogs are different from newsletters in that they are documentation (aka a “web log”) that are almost like a journal. The best blogs are brought to life with accompanying imagery, making the content both timeless and topical. And blogs can be shared on virtually all of one’s favorite social networks.


Best practices for a purposeful and content-driven blog dictates two or three posts per week, give or take, at around 300 words each. Blog posts don’t need to be lengthy, but they do need to be genuine and impart some sort of meaning to the reader.


The most important aspect of a blog is that it be written in the voice of the author. While complete sentences are nice, authenticity is golden. (One of my clients told me the other day that my writing reads the exact same as the way I talk. This made my day.)


Bloggers will also be served well served by keeping in mind that a single post may resonate differently among their readers, even if the post is targeting one brand persona in particular. So, while a post may evoke an “aha!” in one person, another may find a certain sense of validation, as in “oh, yes, I know that/have done that/have thought of that.” This is good.


One might even say that blogging is an art form.


Blogs require commitment. If you happen to be wondering why I don’t follow “best practices” please review my first blog post: “Baby Steps for this Cobbler’s Child.” But I digress…  


So at 323 words, this one’s done.